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June 17, 2005. Little Hocking customers asked to conserve water.
By Kate York. The Marietta Times (Ohio).


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The Marietta Times (Ohio)

June 17, 2005

Little Hocking customers asked to conserve water

By Kate York

Little Hocking Water Association customers are asked to conserve water until one of three wells used in the area can be repaired.

Thunderstorms Tuesday evening damaged the electric motor in one of the association’s wells, said Robert Griffin, general manager of the Little Hocking Water Association, which serves 12,000 people in western Washington County and Athens County.

“We have a temporary motor on it so it is running but we don’t know how long that motor will last,” Griffin said. “We’re asking people to conserve until we can get a permanent motor in.”

If the water demand is not reduced, the association will have to begin using Well No. 5, which has been found to have a higher level of the chemical C-8 than the other wells.

“We’ve come close a couple times but we haven’t used that well since 2002,” said Griffin. “It’s precautionary on our part.”

There are no known harmful health effects for people exposed to C8 but testing has only begun in recent years and long-term effects are not yet known. C8 is used by the DuPont Washington Works plant to produce Teflon.

Griffin said Thursday he expects that a new motor can be installed within a few days and customers will no longer be asked to conserve.

With hot weather for most of the month, water demand has been high, he said.

“Last week it was so hot we had all three wells running 20 hours a day,” he said. “With losing one, we don’t have enough to keep up with that kind of demand.”

Vincent resident Shane Wilson, 33, said a few days of water conservation won’t be too much of an inconvenience.

“I’ll try to do my part,” he said. “If everyone does a little bit, it won’t be so bad. I’d rather they didn’t have to use the well with a bunch of C8, just in case.”

Tips for conserving water any time:
• Run dishwashers only when full or wash dishes by hand.
• Turn off the water while brushing teeth or shaving.
• Use alternative cooking methods like steaming or stir-frying vegetables instead of boiling.
• Take quicker showers.
• Buy bottled drinking water.
• Postpone watering the lawn.

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