CAS No. 102851-06-9

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Adverse Effects
MSDS & Labels

ACTIVITY: Acaricide, Insecticide (pyrethroid ester)

CAS Name: cyano(3-phenoxyphenyl)methyl N-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-D-valinate


Adverse Effects:

Body Weight Decrease
Endocrine: Breast
Endocrine: Testicular

Environmental Effects:

Very toxic to aquatic organisms.

Considerable accumulation in bee wax.

Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: Pending
US EPA PC Code: 109302 
California Chemical Code 2195 
Registered use in
(includes only a limited list of countries)

Australia, Denmark, Finland, India, Portugal, South Africa, UK

Other Information
Molecular Formula: C26H22Cl F3 N2O3 
Entry Year: 1984 
Manufacturers: Makhteshim Agan
Other Names: Klartan
Zoecon ZR 3210
Manufacture site:


BASF, Beaumont, Texas 77705

Of special interest:
Material Safety Data Sheets & Labels
October 2005 - Reregistration Decision Document (RED). 78 pages.
-- see documents accompanying this RED in the Nov 16, 2005, Federal Register (below)

Studies from EPA's September 2005 Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) for Tau-fluvalinate

Revised Summary Report. EMEA/MRL/021-REV1/95. Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products. The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products.
See also: Fluvalinate
April 2002 - Beer in the UK: 23 organofluorine pesticides approved for use on malting barley. Published by the British Beer and Pubs Association and Brewing Research International.  
Temporary Registration of Fluvalinate-Tau for Honey Bee Mite Detection and/or Control - Canada Interdepartmental Executive Committee on Pest Management. March 30, 1994 
Insecticide products - partial list
Glossary of Pesticide Chemicals, October 2001. A listing of pesticides subject to analysis of residues in foods and feeds by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

June 14, 2001 - Implementation of the Community Strategy for Endocrine Disruptors - a range of substances suspected of interfering with the hormone systems of humans and wildlife. Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. Commission of the European Communities, Brussels COM (2001) 262 final. (More information available at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/docum/01262_en.htm )

This document presents a "priority list of substances for further evaluation of their role in endocrine disruption. During 2000, a candidate list of 553 man-made substances and 9 synthetic/natural hormones has been identified."

Category included on the Endocrine Disruptor Liist
Synthetic pyrethroids While only the broad category "Synthetic pyrethroids" was included in the Commission's list, it might be of some interest to note that the following organofluorine pesticides are "Synthetic pyrethroids:" Acrinathrin, Bifenthrin, beta-Cyfluthrin, Cyhalothrin, gamma-Cyhalothrin, lambda-Cyhalothrin, Fenfluthrin, Flucythrinate, Flufenprox, Flumethrin, Fluvalinate, tau-Fluvalinate, Halfenprox, Protrifenbute, Silafluofen, Tefluthrin, Transfluthrin

US Federal Register
Date published Docket Identification Number Details
Nov 16, 2005 OPP-2005-0230

Reregistration Eligibility Decision for Low Risk Pesticide; Notice of Availability.
Tau-fluvalinate is registered for a single food use (beehives/honey) and several non-food uses, including ornamentals (outdoor and container-grown, greenhouse, interior plantscapes, dip for cuttings), building surfaces/perimeters, and ant mounds. There are also Special Local Need registrations in California for certain crops (carrots and brassica/cole crops) grown for seed.

US EPA Documents for Reregistration Decision for tau-fluvalinate.
10-28-2005, Tau-fluvalinate RED FINAL. 78 pages. Docket No. OPP-2005-0230-0002 
9/29/2005.  Revised Health Effects Division Chapter of the Reregistration Decision Document (RED). 59 pages. Docket No. OPP-2005-0230-0003 
2/22/2005.  Residue Chemistry Considerations. 20 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0004 
2/22/2005.  Product Chemistry Considerations. 11 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0005
3/11/2005.Acute and Chronic Dietary Exposure Assessment. 25 pages. Docket No.    OPP-2005-0230-0006 
6/24/2005. US EPA's Response to Registrant's Error Comments on EPA's Preliminary Risk Assessment for the Reregistration Eligibility Decision. 6 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0007 
3/14/2005. Fluvalinate Incident Reports. 10 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0008 
07-11-2005.Environmental Fate and Ecological Risk Assessment for Tau-fluvalinate. 338 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0009 
2/3/2005. Drinking Water Assessment. 40 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0010 
10-04-2005.Assessment of Tau-Fluvalinate use on outdoor ornamentals, carrots grown for seed in California, and consideration of the benefits as proposed by the registrant of tau-fluvalinate.  This document addresses potential exposure of acquatic organisms. 4 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0011
10-21-2005. Use Closure Memo Fluvalinate.
The purpose of this memorandum is to provide use information that will be incorporated into the preliminary risk assessment for tau-fluvalinate. 3 pages. Docket No.
06-23-2005. Corrected Tau- Flavalinate, Ocupational and Residential Exposure Chapter of RED. 22 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0013 
08-04-2005.Registrant Meeting Minutes. Wellmark International. Tau-fluvalinate Outdoor Use Information and Environmental Risk.  2 pages. Docket No.  OPP-2005-0230-0014 
August 18, 2004 OPP-2004-0054 Notice of Receipt of Requests To Voluntarily Cancel Certain Pesticide Registrations.
It is difficult to know if EPA included this as Fluvalinate or Tau-fluvalinate. We have asked for clarification and when we receive it we will amend it as necessary.
Registration No. Product Name EPA Company No. Company Name and Address
002724 OR-99-0046   Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide 000400 Wellmark International, 1100 E.
Woodfield Rd., Suite 500,
Schaumbu, IL 60173.
May 17, 1996 PP 1E4020/ P655

SANDOZ AGRO - Petition for Proposed Pesticide Tolerance. EPA proposes to establish tolerances for residues of the insecticide tau-fluvalinate in or on the raw agriculture commodities (RAC) apples at 0.5 ppm; oriental pears at 0.5 ppm; and kiw at 0.1 ppm; , to increase the tolerance for the insecticide tau-fluvalinate in or on the RAC fat of cattle at 0.1 ppm; and to change the chemical nomenclature in the tolerance.

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