CAS No. 147150-35-4

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ACTIVITY: Herbicide (Triazolopyrimidine)


Structure for Cloransulam:

Adverse Effects:

Body Weight Decrease
Endocrine: Testicular
Endocrine: Thyroid

Environmental Effects:

Potential for ground water contamination 

... while cloransulam-methyl and its transformation products are likely to be only of slight persistence in the surface, the chemicals may become more persistent when leached into the subsurface.

Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: Yes
US EPA PC Code: 129116
California Chemical Code 5781
US Tolerances: CFR 180.514
Registered use in
(includes only a limited list of countries)

Canada, US
US Maximum Residue Levels permitted in food commodities

Tolerances for Cloransulam-methyl and its acid, Cloransulam:

Soybean (forage, hay, seed)

Other Information
Molecular Formula: C15H13Cl F N5O5S
Inventing Company: Dow Agro
Manufacturers: Dow
Other Names: FirstRate,
Of special interest:
PAN Data
Material Safety Data Sheets & Labels
September 2001 - Cloransulam-methyl: Canada approves use of the herbicide on soybeans.
October 29, 1997 - US EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet 
Sept 2000 - Gauntlet herbicide. Material Safety Data Sheet. MSDS Ref. No: F18-20-2. Revision No. 1. FMC Corporation, Agricultural Products Group (USA). Also available at
Dec 19, 2000 - Cloransulam-methyl: Dow Agrosciences agrees to sell formulated herbicide to Monsanto.
Aug 2001 - IR-4: New Products/Transitional Solution List - This list contains brief descriptions of numerous new pest control materials that have been introduced over the last several years. Additionally, it contains information on some "older" crop protection chemicals that are believed to have room for new uses. This List includes: Cloransulam-methyl
Oct 2001 - Cloransulam-methyl: Glossary of Pesticide Chemicals. A listing of pesticides subject to analysis of residues in foods and feeds by the US Food and Drug Administration.

US Federal Register
Date Published Docket Identification Number Details
Jan 9, 1998 na

DOW ELANCO - Approval of 2 pesticide product registrations:
-- FirstRate Herbicide for broadleaf weed control in soybeans. EPA Reg. No. 62719-275.
-- Cloransulam-methyl Technical for manufacturing use only. EPA Reg. No. 62719-274

Oct 7, 1998 OPP-30461

DOW - Application to register the pesticide product: First Rate for aerial application use. It is presently registered for ground use to control broadleaf weeds on soybeans. This product contains 84% of the active ingredient cloransulam- methyl. EPA Registration Number 62719-275.

Sept 19, 1997 OPP-300550

DOW ELANCO - Pesticide Tolerances for Soybeans. - FINAL RULE. This regulation establishes tolerances for residues of cloransulam-methyl in or on SOYBEANS:, forage at 0.1 ppm; hay at 0.2 ppm; and seed at 0.02 ppm.

May 1, 1996 OPP-30409

DOW ELANCO - Application to Register 2 Herbicide Products:

-- First Rate. Herbicide for broadleaf weed control in soybeans. Active ingredient: Cloransulam-methyl at 84 %. Type registration: Conditional. EPA File Symbol 62719-ETL.
-- Cloransulam-methyl Technical. Herbicide, for manufacturing use only. Active ingredient Cloransulam-methyl at 97.5 %. For manufacturing use only. Type registration: Conditional. EPA File Symbol 62719-ETU

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