Ammonium fluoride
CAS No. 12125-01-8

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ACTIVITY: Wood Preservative (Inorganic)


Adverse Effects:

Body Weight Decrease
Endocrine: Testicular

Environmental Effects:

Appendix 1: Hazardous Polluting Substance.
Identified in 1978 Agreement between Canada and the United States on Great Lakes Water Quality.

Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: No
Other Information
Molecular Formula: F H4 N
Manufacturers:: Chemtech
Henly Group
Kerley Enterprises
Proctor & Gamble
subsidiary: JT Baker Inc.
Other Name: Ammonium fluorure
Of special interest:
TOXNET profile from Hazardous Substances Data Bank
1999 - Material Safety Data Sheet prepared by Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. 
2000 - Paper on significant rise in Cholesterol: The influence of quercetin on some parameters of lipid metabolism in rats chronically exposed to ammonium fluoride. B Czerny et al. Fluoride, Vol. 33, No. 1; 27-32.
June 21, 2001 - Hazardous Materials Regulations for Fluoride/fluorinated substances from the June 21, 2001, Federal Register on Harmonization of international shipment of Dangerous Goods. Final Rule.

Ammonium fluoride is used as a wood preservative. As of September 14, 2003, at least two companies were advertizing it online. Both reported:

"Usage: As hyalographic agent, it is used in glass product processing. It can also be used wood preservative, disinfectant, drop agent in analystical reagent and dye mordant of fabric. It is also used in refining rare chemical elements.

"... It decomposes into ammonium bifluoride in hot water and decomposes ito ammonia and hydrogen fluoride when being heated. Its aqueous solution takes acidic property. It may corrode glass and human skin with toxicity."

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