Mefluidide, potassium salt
CAS No. 83601-83-6


ACTIVITY: Herbicide (anilide)

Systematic Name:
Acetamide, N-(2,4-dimethyl-5-
(((trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl)amino)phenyl)-, monopotassium salt


Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: Yes
US EPA PC Code: 114003
California Chemical Code 5083
US EPA Permit Date
and Registrant:
1981, 3M 
Registered use in
(includes only a limited list of countries)

Other Information
Molecular Formula: C11-H13-F3-N2-O3-S.K
Manufacturers: PBI/Gordon
Other Names:

Embark 2-L

Of special interest:
PAN Data

See also

Mefluidide, diethanolamine salt

Adverse Effects:

As of April 2003: Very little data available

US Federal Register
Date Published Docket Identification Number Details
Aug 4, 1997 OPP-300523 Pesticides Subject to Tolerance Reassessment.
May 15, 1996 OPP-34093 Mefluidide and Salts. US EPA's Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) Development Schedule.
June 7, 1995 na Mefluidide, Potassium Salt ( PBI/Gordon). Request to Delete Use of "Embark 1-L"for utility rights-of-way and roads.
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