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Pesticide Action Network Database
Toxicology Data Review Summaries. CA EPA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
UK Pesticides Safety Directorate - Evaluations of fully or provisionally approved pesticides
EU: Existing active substances decisions and review reports
(As of March 2005)
IRIS. US EPA database of human health effects.


Good site. However it has made a political decision to not index the journal Fluoride.

Science Direct

This is free with links to some full text articles

High Wire Press

This is free and links to some full text articles


This is free and links to some full text articles
US National Pesticide Information Retrival System
Compendium of Pesticide Common Names
(Good for new pesticide listings)
Environmental Health Criteria Monographs by the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS)
List of Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential Science. US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs. March 15, 2002
World Health Organization WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard and Guidelines to Classification 2000-2002.
New Jersey Hazardous Substances Fact Sheets
IARC search site (International Agency for Research on Cancer)
United States:
US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs
US EPA search site for pesticide residue limits on food

The best site to use is the Code of Federal Regulations at:
- Scroll down to find the name of the pesticide you are searching for.

As of February 2005- This excellent site has been changed and is not as useful as it once was:

US EPA Food and Feed Commodity Vocabulary. All pesticide tolerances issued under 40 CFR part 180 will use these terms. FAN has consolidated the terms for easy reference.

By Group
By Subgroup

NEW: Pesticide Tolerance Nomenclature Changes. FINAL RULE. September 18, 2007.
NOTE: The new changes have not yet been incorporated into the Groups and Subgroups listed above.

US Federal Register - Pesticides
CA EPA - Search for Pesticide Products by Chemical Name
California pesticide use data and maps
CA EPA, Dept of Pesticide Regulation - search for chemical by name or CAS No.
Scorecard: US Environmental Defence Fund
October 2001. US FDA's references to the Code of Federal Regulations Glossary of Pesticide Chemicals
Also at:
MAPS. Listing of US pesticide use maps.
US EPA Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) documents
US EPA's Current List of Inerts (updated)
US EPA 2000 Toxic Release Inventory. Released on May 23, 2002. Only a limited number of pesticides are included in TRI.
US EPA IRIS profiles (Integrated Risk Information Service)
US EPA Index of Cleared Reviews for pesticides
New York State:
List of registered pesticides for use in the state
New -  40 CFR 180.950. Tolerance exemptions for minimal risk active and inert ingredients.
US National Pesticide Information Retrival System
Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority
Aopril 7, 2003- Current List of approved active constitutents for chemical products.
December 2001 - Residue defination of MRL names
April 5, 2001 - Active constituents excluded from approval requirement
August 5, 2001 - ADI List Acceptable Daily Intakes for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals
Also at
Maximum Residue Limits
Pest Management Regulatory Agency
European Food Safey Authority - new
Existing active substances decisions and review reports
(As of March 2005)
Annex 6 - Classification & Labelling of dangerous substances
Click on Annex VI

also see

Plant Health - Plant Protection
List of Maximum Residue Levels for individual pesticides
Pesticide MRL Database
Various other lists
New Zealand:
Maximum Residue Limits
Database of currently registered pesticides
NZ Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Group
New Zealand Food Standards
New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Pesticide Residue Limits in Food

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Pesticides Register of UK Approved Products
Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD)
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Pesticide Action Network UK

June 29, 2000. Produced by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Global Agriculture Information Network. (GAIN Report # VM0008).

Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards, Country Report 2000.
Also at:
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