CAS No. 149253-65-6

ACTIVITY: Herbicide (unclassified)

CAS Name: [[2-chloro-4-fluoro-5-[(tetrahydro-3-oxo-1H,3H-[1,3,4]thiadiazolo[3,4-a]pyridazin-1-ylidene)amino]phenyl]thio]acetic acid

See also Fluthiacet-methyl


Regulatory Information as of November 2003
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: No
Other Information
Molecular Formula: C14H13Cl F N3O3S2  
Manufacturers: Syngenta (Novartis) / Kumiai 
Of special interest:
PAN Data 

Adverse Effects:

As of Nov 2003: All data for Fluthiacet-methyl only

Syngenta AG. June 8, 2001. Form 20-F. US Securities and Exchange Commission.

"Divestments. Novartis, AstraZeneca and Syngenta made several divestments in order to satisfy conditions imposed by the FTC and the European Commission in connection with the formation of Syngenta. The divestments completed in 2000 included the sale of the acetochlor based herbicide products to Dow AgroSciences LLC and the selling of the strobilurin fungicide product line FLINT® to Bayer AG. The divestments completed in 2001 include the sales of the grass herbicide propaquizafop and the pyrethroid insecticide tau-fluvalinate to Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd, the sale of its sulcotrione herbicide MIKADO ® in the European Economic Area to Bayer AG, the divestment of its global flutriafol fungicide business to Cheminova A/S and the divestment to Makhteshim Agan Ltd. of its former Novartis cereal fungicide product range in Denmark, Sweden and Finland (p 9)."... Active Substances include... Herbicides: Fluthiacet ... Nature of operations. Syngenta AG is a world leading crop protection and seeds business that is involved in the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of a range of agricultural products designed to improve crop yields and food quality. Syngenta is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and was formed by Novartis AG ("Novartis") and AstraZeneca PLC ("AstraZeneca") through an agreement to spin off and merge the Novartis crop protection and seeds businesses with the Zeneca agrochemicals business to create a dedicated agribusiness company whose shares were then the subject of a global offering (the "Transactions"). The Transactions were completed on November 13, 2000. In this annual report, for periods prior to November 13, 2000, we refer to the businesses contributed by Novartis as the "Novartis agribusiness"; and we refer to the businesses contributed to Syngenta by AstraZeneca as the "Zeneca agrochemicals business" (p i)."
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