CAS No. 15457-05-3


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Adverse Effects

ACTIVITY: Herbicide (nitrophenyl ether)

CAS Name: 2-nitro-1-(4-nitrophenoxy)-4-(trifluoromethyl)benzene

Note: WHO: believed obsolete or discontinued


Adverse Effects:

Genotoxic potential

Environmental Effects:

Highly toxic to fish

Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: No 
US EPA PC Code: 085001 
California Chemical Code 1822 
US Tolerances: Revoked 
FDA LMS Code: 836 
European Commission:

Not allowed to be used as an active ingredient after July 25, 2003.

Other Information
Molecular Formula: C13H7 F3 N2O5  
Manufacturers: Ciba, Syngenta 
Other Names: C-6989,
Of special interest:
PAN Data 
Herbicide products - partial list 
November 26, 2002 - European Commission: Fluorodifen is one of 320 pesticides to be withdrawn in July 2003. "Some 320 substances used in plant protection products (PPPs) -including insecticides, fungicides and herbicides- are to be withdrawn from the market by 25 July 2003 as part of the European Commission's new approach to the evaluation of active substances in plant protection products. This aims to improve safeguards to ensure that all such products in use are safe for the environment and human health. Users, wholesalers and retailers of plant protection products will need to be aware of whether the products they use or sell are likely to be withdrawn, so as to prevent them being left with stocks of unusable material. Those concerned should contact their national authority to check the authorisation status for any particular product." The Regulation (ní 2076/2002 of 20 November 2002), with the list of the 320 substances, has now been published in the Offical Journal.
Ref: MIDDAY EXPRESS. News from the Press and Communication Service's midday briefing.
Believed to be obsolete or discontinued for use as pesticides. WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard and Guidelines to Classification 2000-2002. Table 6. Active ingredients not included in the Classification and believed to be obsolete or discontinued for use as pesticides, p 37.

From Toxline at Toxnet

Agr. Chem.; 25(3): 21-2, 24, 47 1970

New pesticides for 1970.


The status and availability of a number of new and recently introduced pesticides are reviewed. Newly registered herbicides include Igran 80W (Geigy), Ro-Neet (Stauffer), Tandex (Niagara), Preforan and Marolan (Ciba) and Solo (Uniroyal). ...

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