CAS No. 229977-93-9


ACTIVITY: Acaricide (unclassified)

CAS Name: methyl (?E)-?-(methoxymethylene)-2-[[[2-(1-methylethoxy)-6-trifluoromethyl)-4-pyrimidinyl]oxy]methyl]benzeneacetate


Regulatory Information
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US EPA Registered:
Other Information
Molecular Formula: C20H21 F3 N2O5 
Entry Year: 2000 
Manufacturers: Nippon Soda 
Other Names: Na 83
Titaron FL
Of special interest:
Nippon Soda to launch the miticide fluacrypyrim in Japan this year under the trade name Titaron. Fluacrypyrim is a novel strobilurin analogue developed under the code NA-83 for the fruit tree sector ... Nippon Soda's subsidiary, Koriyama Kasei, will be responsible for the manufacture of the active ingredient. Koriyama has already made an investment of around $4 million to construct new facilities ... fluacrypyrim will be Nippon Soda's first new active ingredient launch since 1996, when acetamiprid (Mospilan) was introduced. In addition to Japan, launches in Soputh Korea and China are also anticipated. Nippon Soda is targeting sales of Y3 billion ($25 million), including export, within the first four years of launch.
Ref: February 2002. Agrochemical Service. PhytoPhile.
NIPON SODA ANNUAL REPORT 2002 - cites the following organofluorine pesticides and their product names: Chlorfenapyr * Fluacrypyrim * Fluazinam * Fluvalinate * Triflumizole 

Adverse Effects:

As of Nov 2003: no data available

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