Adverse Effects
CAS No. 62441-54

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Activity: Acaricide, Insecticide (bridged diphenyl)

Adverse Effects:
• Brain
• Environmental

• Potent mitochondrial uncoupler

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Brain (click on for all fluorinated pesticides)

PubMed abstract title: Observations on 2'-chloro-2,4-dinitro-5',6-di(trifluoromethyl)-diphenylamine-induced edema in the white matter of the central nervous system of the rat.
Ref: Lock EA, Scales MD, Little RA. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 1981 Aug;60(1):121-30.

Potent mitochondrial uncoupler

Abstract. Studies on an acaricide with mitochondrial uncoupling activity [fentrifanil; 2'-chloro-2,4-dinitro-5',6-di(trifluoromethyl)-diphenylamine] are presented. Isolated mitochondria (from mice livers) were incubated with fentrifanil, and oxygen uptake was measured polarographically using a Clark oxygen electrode. The ADP ratio, respiratory control index (RCI), and stimulation of state 4 respiration were also measured. Fentrifanil was found to stimulate oxygen consumption, reduce the RCI, lower the ADP/O ratio, and release the oligomycin block of ADP-stimulated respiration. In terms of the concentration required to decrease the RCI value by 50%, fentrifanil was about 4500-fold more potent than 2,4-dinitrophenol and slightly more potent than carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone (MCCP).
Ref: Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1980 Sep 30;96(2):704-10
Fentrifanil: a diarylamine acaricide with potent mitochondrial uncoupling activity.
Nizamani SM, Hollingworth RM.

Environmental - (click on for all fluorinated pesticides)

Ref: Pesticide Action Network. Summary of Acute Toxicity for Organism Group - Fentrifanil
Avg Species LC50 (ug/L)
Sheepshead minnow Cyprinodon variegatus 9.00 Very Highly Toxic
Also see:
Initial Toxicological Assessment of Ambush, Bolero, Bux, Dursban, Fentrifanil, Larvin, and Pydrin: Static Acute Toxicity Tests with Selected Estuarine. Authors: Borthwick, P.W., and G.E. Walsh. Journal: EPA 600/4-81-076, U.S.EPA, Gulf Breeze, FL :9 Year: 1981 AQUIRE Reference No: 3644.

Of interest:
Initial toxicological assessment of Ambush, Bolero, Bux, Dursban, Fentrifanil, Larvin, and Pydrin: Static acute toxicity tests with selected estuarine algae, invertebrates and fish.
Ref: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Report Number EPA 600/4-81-076. Environmental Research Laboratory, Gulf Breeze, Florida; by Borthwick, P.W. and G.E. Walsh. 1981.

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