Cupro-Ammonium Fluoroborate Complex
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ACTIVITY: Wood preservative

Regulatory Information
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US EPA Registered: No
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Of special interest:
April 9, 2001 - Australia. Exemptions Listing
TECHNICAL GRADE ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS EXCLUDED FROM THE REQUIREMENTS OF NRA APPROVAL The list generally includes chemicals which have not been primarily developed as agricultural chemicals and thus for which an extensive package of data would not be readily available. Approval by the National Registration Authority for these TGACs is currently not required. Other fluoride compounds include: Sodium fluoride, Sodium fluoroacetate, Sodium fluorosilicate.
Intergrain BLUE 7. Sold by Intergrain Timber Finishes Pty. Ltd. in Australia. According to their website : BLUE 7 is a timber preservative that prevents and controls rot and termites in sound and decayed timber. BLUE 7 is a water-based, diffusible wood preservative originally developed by the CSIRO (Australian Patent No.491638) to preserve and provide long- term protection to sound timber and protect rotting structural timber from further decay, where the remaining structural integrity justifies treatment. BLUE 7 has proved effective in preventing wood decay and termite attack in excess of 20 years. BLUE 7 also imparts flame-retardant properties to treated wood. A highly complexed aqueous dispersion of Copper, Fluorine and Boron - present as a Cupro-Ammonium Fluoroborate Complex. ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS: 201 g/L Fluorine (F). 160.3 g/L Copper (Cu) 105.5 g/L Boron (B) - Online as of December 31, 2001 

Adverse Effects:

As of September 2003: No data available.

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