Carbon tetrafluoride
CAS No. 75-73-0

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ACTIVITY: Former US EPA List 3 Inert (Propellant, Halogenated organic)


Adverse Effects:


Environmental Effects:

Potent Greenhouse Gas -
global warming potential of approximately 6,500 times that of CO2 and a lifetime that exceeds 10,000 years.

Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: No
California Chem. Code 3099
Other Information
Molecular Formula: C F4
Manufacturer: Air Products and
Other Names: Arcton 0
CFC 14
Carbon fluoride
Carbon fluoride (CF4)
Carbon tetrafluoride
EINECS 200-896-5
F 14
FC 14
Fluorocarbon 14
Freon 14
HSDB 1327
Halocarbon 14
Halon 14
Methane, tetrafluoro-
R 14
R 14 (Refrigerant)
Refrigerant 14
Refrigerant R 14
Of special interest:
PAN Data
Profile from Hazardous Substances Data Bank
Material Safety Data Sheet by DuPont

Mitigating Climate Change.
US Department of State -

Carbon tetrafluoride (CF4) and carbon hexafluoride (C2F6) are emitted as by-products of the primary aluminum production process. Both are potent greenhouse gases, with global warming potentials of approximately 6,500 and 9,200 times that of CO2, respectively, and lifetimes that exceed 10,000 years.

EPA is partnering with primary aluminum producers to reduce CF4 and C2F6 emissions where technically feasible and cost-effective. Because factors that cause these emissions are a sign of efficiency loss, focus by industry to reduce emissions will result in process enhancements. EPA estimates that emissions of CF4 and C2F6 can be reduced by 30-60 percent industrywide. As of December 1995, twelve companies representing 94 percent of the U.S. primary aluminum production capacity have joined EPA in the Voluntary Aluminum Industrial Partnership.

CCAP projected this action would reduce emissions by 1.8 MMTCE in 2000. Current projections are that the programs will reduce emissions by 2.2 MMTCE in 2000 and 2.4 MMTCE in 2010.

US Federal Register
Date Published Docket Identification Number Details
June 24, 1998 OPP- 36192

Inert Ingredients No Longer Used in Pesticide Products - Former List 3 Inert.

EPA is removing certain chemicals from its list of pesticide product inert ingredients that are not currently used in pesticide products. Future use of these chemicals as inert ingredients in pesticide products will not be permitted unless a petitioner or registrant satisfies all data requirements as identified by the Agency, and the Agency is able to make a determination that the use of the inert ingredient will not pose unreasonable risk to human health or the environment. All tolerances or exemptions from the requirement of a tolerance for the use of these chemicals as inert ingredients in food- use pesticide formulations will be proposed for revocation at a later date in a separate Federal Register Notice.

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