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Belpre’s C8 filtration system in use.
By Pamela Brust. March 4, 2006.
The Marietta Times (Ohio)


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March 4, 2006

The Marietta Times (Ohio)
Belpre’s C8 filtration system in use

By Pamela Brust

BELPRE — As the one-year anniversary of the settlement in the C8 lawsuit passed this week, the second C8 water filtration system, located in Belpre, went into operation Tuesday.

The filtration systems are planned for the six affected water districts of Belpre, Little Hocking, Chester/Tuppers Plains and Pomeroy in Ohio, and Mason County, and Lubeck in West Virginia.

Belpre Public Works Superintendent Mike Betz said, "It is operating, but not fully operational. We could be going back to the regular system at any time, if needed, but right now it’s running.”

The filters are being constructed by DuPont Washington, W.Va., Works as part of the year-old settlement in a lawsuit alleging ammonium perfluorooctonate (commonly called C8), used in the production of Teflon at the Washington Works plant, was being discharged into area waters causing health concerns. DuPont has contended and continues to contend C8 has no adverse health effects on humans.

Also as part of the settlement, DuPont is paying for testing now under way in the six water districts. Brookmar Inc. officials, coordinating the testing process, say 70,000 individuals will be tested. A three-member science panel, agreed upon by both sides, will then review the studies and medical information to formulate findings regarding health effects of C8, if any are determined.

The GAC (granular activated carbon) treatment facility in Pomeroy was brought on line Feb. 8, according to Charleston, W.Va., lawyer Harry Deitzler, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys.

"We are really pleased the Pomeroy and Belpre systems are up and operating. It is a significant milestone in the implementation of the Leach (C8 lawsuit) litigation settlement," said Robin Ollis, with the DuPont plant.

Ollis said the Tuppers Plains/Chester filtration system facility will be the third one to go on line, and that is expected to happen within the next few weeks. The Little Hocking, Lubeck and Mason County, W.Va. facilities are also in the works, she said.
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