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C8 testing to be completed this summer.
The Marietta Times (Ohio). January 26, 2006.


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January 26, 2006 - The Marietta Times (Ohio)

C8 testing to be completed this summer

PARKERSBURG — The C8 Health Project estimates completion of the ongoing testing of area residents around mid-summer.

Officials with Brookmar Inc., appointed by the Wood County Circuit Court to conduct the testing, encourages anyone who qualifies for the tests to file a survey as soon as possible before the funding runs out.

Dr. Paul Brooks, of Brookmar, said about 39,000 people have been tested so far. Another 32,000 people have filled out applications and are awaiting testing. He estimated about 70,000 residents of the six affected water districts would be tested as part of the health project.

Anyone who resided, or worked full-time, or attended school and would have obtained drinking water in Ohio from water systems in Belpre, Little Hocking, Tuppers Plains, or Chester, or Lubeck, or Mason County in West Virginia for at least a year before December 2004 is eligible to be tested.

Residents must provide official documents to prove their identity and their residency, work or school attendance.

"For a specific in-depth look at one community, this is probably the largest study ever done. We are identifying as many other possible risk factors, so we don’t get misleading results; things like other exposures, diet, other socioeconomic factors, and by doing so we may help identify other health issues, and that could be carried forward and be useful for the health of the community," said Dr. Tony Fletcher, one of the members of the C8 science panel that will be reviewing the test results to see if there is a possible link between C8 and human health.

PFOA, or C8, has been used by DuPont to make Teflon since the 1950s. DuPont, which runs a plant at Washington, W.Va., across the Ohio River from western Washington County, maintains that PFOA has no negative impacts on human health.

"This is probably the most ambitious study of an environmental health concern and quite unusual in the level of detail," said Dr. David Savitz, another C8 science panel member.

What to remember when preparing for testing

• Children can only participate if their parent or guardian is present.

• An adult cannot restrain a child or force him or her to have blood drawn.

• Participants might be at the testing site for an hour or more, and there are no public restrooms on site.

• A post office box is not an acceptable address. All documentation must have the participant's physical address.

• Minors must have an official birth certificate from the courthouse, the souvenir birth certificate received at the hospital is not a legal birth certificate.

• Make sure you have all documentation to prove identity and residency, work or school attendance for the qualifying periods when you arrive.

• For more information and lists of qualifying documents, check the C8 Health project Web site:


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