CAS No. 33439-45-1

ACTIVITY: Herbicide (phenylurea)

CAS Name: N-(3-Chloro-4- chlorodifluoromethyl thiophenyl)-N'-N'- dimethylurea


Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: No
Other Information
Molecular Formula: C10H10Cl2 F2 N2OS
Manufacturers: Bayer 
Other Names: Thiochlormethyl
Bay Kue
Of special interest:
PAN Data 
Listed as a "Deleterious Substance" under the "Poisonous and and Deleterious Substances Control Law" by the National Institute of Health Sciences in Japan. (Online as of Dec 2, 2001). 

Adverse Effects:

As of Nov 2002: No data available

Environmental Effects

As of Nov 2002: No data available

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