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Flufenoxuron (Sorex). Active ingredient in TENOPA.

Note: You can download Tenopa's Data Safety Sheet at http://www.sorex.com/site/home.htm

The following is from SOREX website: http://www.sorex.com/site/tenopa.htm

[downloaded August 2001]


Double Action Residual Control Tenopa is a new high performance residual insecticide for public hygiene pest control and represents the ultimate in biorational insecticide technology. It combines the renowned killing power of the pyrethroid, alphacypermethrin, with flufenoxuron, an insect growth regulator.

Tenopa attacks insects on two fronts.

Firstly the powerful pyrethroid, alphacypermethrin, kills a broad range of adult crawling and flying insects including: cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, flies, booklice, silverfish, moths, ants and beetles.

Secondly in the case of cockroaches and fleas in particular, the flufenoxuron interrupts the development of eggs, larvae and nymphs by interference with chitin formation, ensuring a long term degree of control which is second to none. This helps prevent reinfestation and dramatically reduces the risk of callbacks.

Thanks to its very low mammalian toxicity Tenopa can be used with confidence in domestic premises, public buildings and hospitals, as well as in hotels, restaurants, kitchens and in industrial premises including food processing plants.

How the insect growth regulator in Tenopa works:

The flufenoxuron in Tenopa works through contact and through direct stomach action when ingested by the insect. The effect on immature insects is to interfere with the natural construction of chitin, the insect's protective shell, ensuring that they die at the next larval moult. Tenopa is devastatingly effective on adult female cockroaches in ensuring that they are unable to produce viable egg cases.

Indeed a single treatment of Tenopa can work for up to 6 months thanks to its incredible persistence on practically every type of surface from carpet to bare wood and even porous surfaces such as paving slabs.

Tenopa has no smell and will not stain surfaces which water itself will not stain.