CAS No. 158755-95-4

ACTIVITY: Herbicide (dicarboximide)

CAS Name: methyl 2-[2-[[4-[3,6-dihydro-3-methyl-2,6-dioxo-4-(trifluoromethyl)-1(2H)-pyrimidinyl]phenoxy]methyl]-5-ethylphenoxy]propanoate


Regulatory Information
(only comprehensive for the US)
US EPA Registered: No
Other Information
Molecular Formula: C25H25 F3 N2O6
Manufacturer: FMC Corporation
Entry Date: 1998
Other Names: F3686
Of special interest:
PAN Data 
2001 - "Synthesis of Benzfendiazone" by Saroj Sehgel, George Theodoridis (FMC Corporation). Ref: Trip Report: The 30th Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society Durham, New Hampshire June 24-27, 2001.
2000: Abstract: Benzfendizone belongs to the 2-[(4-heterocyclic-phenoxymethyl)-phenoxy]alkanoate class of herbicides which are potent inhibitors of the plant enzyme protoporphyrinogen oxidase (Protox). Benzfendizone, when applied postemergence, provides control of a number of key grass and broadleaf weeds in orchards and no-till crop situations. Benzfendizone can also be used as a potato desiccant and cotton defoliant. Crops such as soyabean and corn showed no injury when planted 2–3 days following postemergence application of benzfendizone.
Ref: New generation of protox-inhibiting herbicides by George Theodoridis et al. Agricultural Products Group, (FMC Corporation, Princeton, NJ 08543, USA). Crop Protection Vol 19, Issues 8-10 , 12 September 2000, Pages 533-535.

Adverse Effects:

As of February 2005: No data available.

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